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Rainbow Catholics India (RCI) was founded on the basis of an article published by Virginia Saldanha (Feminist Theolgian, Activist) wherein she described the stories of queer Catholics in India. Moved by the plight of young gay and lesbian persons who were forced into heterosexual marriages, Virginia decided that a strong movement was necessary to educate parents of young people and change the homophobic narrative that reigned in the average Catholic Church.

In late 2018, she invited a number of personal friends and activists for a meeting in her home to discuss issues affecting queer Catholics in India. It was at this meeting that the idea of RCI was formulated.

In the weeks that followed, the group developed the Vision and Mission statements, objectives, and began networking to connect with more people. Our first event, an online Meet & Greet in October 2020 attracted dosens of registrations and connected us with lay and religious Catholics who shared their desire to support and work towards greater engagement, education, and awarness on equal rights while discussing the challenges within this homophobic and transphobic society.

Today, we have members representing different cities around India while residing around the world. Each member initiates an activity of their interest which is taken forward by the rest of the team. We have so far had multiple meetings, discussions, and have started a book-club for reading and reieweing queer literature. We also encourage our members to write and publish their experiences and views as well as pursue the study and critique of Theology, Culture, Language, and Historical writings.

RCI recognises that the oppression of queer persons in society doesn't exist in isolation. Rather, various oppressive forces oppress certain groups more than the other, and many struggles and issues are inter-related. Therefore, we remain open to joining in conversations and participate in various struggles against a common enemy - the Patriarchy.

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