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A special online discussion with LGBTQ+ persons, theologians, and allies towards understanding and welcoming Catholic LGBTQ+ persons to dialogue, sharing and acceptance.

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Unconditional, visible inclusion of our LGBTQ+ Catholic faithful in the Catholic Church

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i. To be an inclusive pastoral support group for LGBTQ+ Catholics, families and friends.

ii. To work with other LGBTQ+ faith groups, allies and stake holders who share our vision statement.

iii. To dialogue with, inform, and educate the Church hierarchy on the lived experiences of the LGBTQ+ faithful.

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1. To create dialogue and awareness about the needs of LGBTQ+ Catholics with Church hierarchy.

2. To grow in number and reach out by having regional Rainbow Catholic groups in India.

3. Publish articles and documents that promote justice and inclusion for LGBTQ+ Catholics through Catholic media outlets as well as our own social media platforms.

4. Promote inclusive-theology by challenging erroneous theologies. Focus on Love and Compassion for all of God’s children.

5. Create forums for LGBTQ+ Catholics voices to be heard.

6. Form alliances with other LGBTQ+ Catholics, and other LGBTQ+ faith groups.

7. Work with families and friends of LGBTQ+ Catholics.

8. Work with gay-friendly priests and religious.



What We Do

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Our meetings are a secure, safe space for diverse ideas and open sharing.


Working with like-minded groups across India and supporting each others' struggles.


Participating in movements for individual rights and freedoms as Christians and as citizens of India


Upcoming Events

  • Book Club: 'Indecent Theology' by Marcella Althaus-Reid
    Time is TBD
    Online Discussion
    Indecent Theology brings liberation theology up to date by introducing the radical critical approaches of gender, postcolonial, and queer theory.
  • Film Review: Pride (2014)
    Time is TBD
    Online Event
    Time is TBD
    Online Event
    Pride is a 2014 British historical comedy-drama film directed by Matthew Warchus. The film depicts a group of lesbian and gay activists who raised money to help families affected by the British miners' strike in 1984, what would become the Lesbians and Gays Support the Miners Campaign.
Pride Parade


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